New Master's Program

HMKW - M.A. Artificial Intelligence and Societies

Berlin (GER), August 2023 - From winter semester 2023-24, the HMKW University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication and Management will be offering the interdisciplinary, two-year online master's program M.A. Artificial Intelligence and Societies, which is dedicated to the interplay between artificial intelligence technologies, societal issues, and the creative and cultural industries.

The unique Master of Arts program in the Humanities and Social Sciences combines theoretical studies, practical and creative applications, research, and critical analysis. It offers a combination of courses from the social sciences, anthropology, computer science, virtual reality research, psychology, and public health, as well as courses on AI and ethics, marketing, design, journalism, film, and photography, to provide a holistic understanding of the social and cultural impact of AI and to train graduates as AI experts.

The Master's program Artificial Intelligence and Societies is offered 100% online, with optional on-campus courses in Berlin at HMKW. State approval has been requested. A large number of professors and international lecturers with special expertise in the field of AI research teach in the Master's program. Through the use of the latest eLearning technologies, students worldwide are prepared with theoretical knowledge and practical skills for a successful career in the fields of artificial intelligence, sustainable societies, and AI for the creative and cultural industries.

Graduates will have deeper understanding of the ethical, social, and political dimensions of AI. They will have acquired comprehensive knowledge of the forms of application of AI for the creative and cultural industries, as well as research methods to investigate AI applications by means of qualitative research and to give advice for a socially useful and ethical development of AI. They are thus equipped to help shape the future of AI technology and ensure its responsible and beneficial integration into our society.