Emerging Technologies

Learning Technologies Autumn Forum 2023

London (UK), September 2023 - The Learning Technologies 2023 Autumn Forum will take place online this year 17, 19, 24, and 26 October. The focus is on "Emerging Technologies", the dominant learning and development theme of 2023.

The unique follow-up to one of Europe's leading workplace learning events will be accessible to everyone for free. Registration for the virtual event is also free and will open next week.

Event organiser Mark Penton explained, "This year, the event goes virtual, ensuring accessibility to an even broader audience. The event will explore some of the key topics from May's conference, with a focus on the one theme that has dominated L&D this year: ‘Emerging Technologies’.
"As the year has moved on, so has our thinking. In January there was excitement tinged with uncertainty about AI - what did it mean for L&D? Was it a bubble that would burst or something profound that would alter how we worked forever?
"Fast forward to autumn, and things have grown more complex. AI looks here to stay, and the implications of its use go well beyond the rapid production of text and pictures. As well as a huge impact on the creation of learning content, AI and Emerging Technologies will radically alter how we deal with matters as diverse as skills, data, and coaching.
"And with these changes comes another need, equally profound - a need to remember - and focus on - the humanity of what we do, because ultimately learning is always about people.
"Join us online for four days of discussion, interaction, and input that will challenge your thinking and prepare you for the unpredictable road that L&D faces in the near future."