OEB 2023

Unleashing the Power of European Universities

Berlin (GER), October 2023 - OEB 2023 will host a conference session on European University Alliances, the emergence of Umbrella Universities and collaboration on standards. The OEB Conference, taking place in Berlin 22-24 November, will host a session "Unleashing the Power of European Universities".

The emergence of "umbrella universities" in Europe has led to a paradigm shift in the higher education landscape, with a focus on interconnecting all institutions. Is your institution a member of a European University Alliance? Automated real-time exchange of data and joint course displays are just some of the criteria that alliance members need to fulfill. This does not just affect leadership or an IT department's activities, but impacts all students and education professionals, too.

Our panel will discuss collaborative efforts that are being undertaken on a European level to establish common standards, coordinate activities, and foster cross-sector cooperation. Experts will share recommendations and best practices.

Key takeaways include understanding the paradigm shift and the role of European University Alliances, insight into interoperability challenges, such as data exchange, student privacy and integration of diverse systems.

"Unleashing the Power of European Universities" will take place Nov 23 at 16:30 Berlin time.

The full OEB 2023 Conference Agenda is online, along with OEB 2023 Conference Ticket purchases and more information about the exhibition of new products and solutions that runs alongside the conference.