Next-Gen Training

How AI is Reshaping Corporate Learning through Videos

Telangana (IN), October 2023 - In today's rapidly evolving landscape, video-based learning (VBL) has transcended from being a novelty to becoming the new normal. Being one of the most preferred mediums for L&D professionals, VBL is reshaping how we support microlearning, engage with Gen Z, and offer flexible mobile learning options for employees.

While the benefits are undeniable, is the process of creating an effective video-based course cost intensive? What factors, in your opinion, catapult VBL to a prominent spot in a company's training agenda?

Studies show that employees are 75% more likely to engage with video content than traditional text-based documents, emails, or web articles. Then why haven't all organizations fully embraced VBL within their learning ecosystems?

Join us in an immersive webinar as we uncover the transformative potential that VBL brings to corporate training and gain insights into strategies that can bridge the gap between desire and implementation.

Let's embark on a journey to harness the power of VBL that resonates with modern-day learners:

  • The expert speakers, Shweta Vyas and RK Prasad, will guide you through every angle of VBL, from its diverse formats to the incorporation of cutting-edge AI
  • Explore real-world use cases across industries such as healthcare, compliance, safety, and more, as we demonstrate how VBL can revolutionize onboarding, upskilling, and retention
  • Uncover the metrics that truly matter when measuring the impact of VBL on your organization's bottom line

But that's not all. Be prepared to witness the latest trends and strategies that are set to shape the landscape of VBL in corporate training in 2023.