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iSpring Introduces a Robust AI Course Creation Assistant in iSpring Page

Alexandria, VA (USA), November 2023 - iSpring Solutions Inc., a forward-thinking eLearning software and service company based in the US, has introduced iSpring AI, a smart assistant for agile course creation in iSpring Page and iSpring Space. Now, users can build engaging eLearning courses even faster by leveraging relevant AI suggestions for content generation and course design optimization. This brand-new feature is a major addition to the ever-evolving iSpring eLearning ecosystem.

iSpring Page is a cloud-based tool for creating courses, interactive pages, and quizzes right in a browser. With Page, users can turn simple text into visually appealing eLearning content enriched with images and design elements for more effective knowledge transfer and retention. This tool is integrated into iSpring Space, a portal for storing courses and collaborating on eLearning content as a team.

iSpring AI is a robust writing assistant that is especially helpful for creating long-read content. Users can employ iSpring AI to write and edit text, get relevant ideas for courses, and generate quiz questions. The AI assistant can also enhance the visual course design by highlighting important fragments, creating lists, selecting headings, and more.

The launch of iSpring AI brings new extended benefits to eLearning creators:

  • saved time and resources
    iSpring AI streamlines content creation by automating writing, editing, and formatting. This speeds up course development, reducing resource requirements.
  • enhanced content quality
    The AI assistant ensures content accuracy and consistency, resulting in high-quality courses and quizzes that engage learners effectively.
  • idea generation
    iSpring AI provides relevant ideas and suggestions to help creators brainstorm and expand course content.
  • improved visual appeal
    Users can enjoy enhanced course design that makes eLearning content more engaging and interactive, boosting learner engagement rates.

Michael Keller, eLearning Officer at iSpring, comments, “iSpring AI feels almost like you have a real assistant to aid you in eLearning creation whenever you need a helping hand. Now I can create beautiful, informative long reads for my courses within minutes. The best part is I don't have to spend a lot of time editing the content generated by iSpring AI. It's already high quality and relevant to my requests.