Digital Storytelling Festival 2024

Den Haag (NL), March 2024 - Since 2023, a key part of the Digital Storytelling Festival has been the Online Creative Residency, which brings students and new professionals who want to gain storytelling skills together in a professional setting with experts in a range of formats. This year, to add to writing, social media, and animation, the organizers are introducing two new formats - collage art and storytelling with 3D - and they are looking for creative, enthusiastic, and committed participants in the event, 21-22 May 2024.

The theme this year is "Journey". How you interpret this is up to you. It might make you think of travel, holidays, or the juxtaposition of destination and home. It might be a personal or reflective journey, or it might be a practical one using various modes of transport, meeting interesting people along the way. You might think of famous historical journeys, solo adventurers, or group migrations.

Whether you go factual, fictional, personal, or political, we look forward to hearing your ideas. Take a look at some of the Residency stories from 2023.

The organizers ask you to use the openly licensed special 3D resource material available on to illustrate or inspire your creations in all the format categories. And this year, we have a new set of 3D items that we would love to see used, too. This set of 3D items comes from a campaign called Twin it!, in which every European Union member state is digitising one or more pieces of heritage (buildings, statues, objects) and making them available on

The residency will run from mid-May to mid-July. You'll be expected to join in all of the online sessions in order to be part of this group. And you'll need to be able to find time to work on your personal contribution in between sessions. We estimate this will be five hours of online sessions, plus 5-10 hours of work during your own time.

Contents of the Residency

  1. Welcome and brainstorm for all participants and all mentors - Tuesday May 7, 15:00-17:00 CET
  2. Format-specific sessions run by the relevant mentor and attended by the participants following that strand - to be arranged between the mentor and the group.
  3. One-to-one session for each participant with their mentor - to be arranged between the mentors and their participants.
  4. Review and celebration session for all participants and all mentors - mid-July.