Call for Proposals

OEB 2024 - Shaping the Future of Learning

Berlin (Ger), May 2024 - Every year, OEB pushes the boundaries of edtech and learning technology by fostering dialogue and collaboration among high-level decision makers from the education, business, and government sectors. The Call for Proposals for this year’s conference is open until 31 May.

Whether you're looking to harness the potential of new technologies, develop pivotal policies, or drive forward the conversation about the digital revolution in education, OEB 2024 is the place to be. Join us to explore the themes and trends that are defining the future of learning.

Building on the rich legacy of past gatherings, OEB is inviting researchers, educators, policymakers, and learning technology specialists to contribute to the next chapter in shaping the learning landscape. The Conference Call for Proposals is an open invitation for thought leaders and innovators to submit their findings and insights.

Submissions are encouraged to focus on emerging trends, challenges, and solutions in technology-enhanced learning. OEB values diversity in perspectives and seeks to include studies and practices from a variety of contexts and disciplines.