Unified Learning

Bridge Enhances Emphasis on Employee Development

Peter Brussard, President of BridgeRaleigh, NC (USA), June 2024 - Bridge's combination of learning, career development, upskilling, and feedback capabilities places learning into the wider context of growth and development. Customers of the all-in-one learning and development platform Bridge can now experience a more convenient way to place employee development at the center of their L&D efforts.

Bridge combines an industry-leading learning management system (LMS) with career development capabilities and AI skill-building software. Together, these tools enable employees to identify up-to-date skills based on their job titles, identify learning that relates to those skills requirements, and chart their skills development in the context of a broader employee-development framework.

Bridge also includes feedback and recognition tools that supplement employee development by giving employees a variety of peer and manager perspectives on their progress. These structured options for canvassing and tracking feedback help to ensure that development plans are informed by any successes, skills gaps, or practices to avoid.

Peter Brussard, President of Bridge, said, "A good LMS is an essential first step, but bridging the gap between learning and development takes a suite of complementary capabilities that work together under a single roof. Learning is only as valuable as the skills employees gain from it, and there's no better way to incentivize skills acquisition than by placing them in the context of a well-structured development plan.
"At the same time, you need to supplement these technologies with those all-important conversations that begin with effective feedback. Helping employees understand what they’re doing right or how they can improve is the key to a well-rounded culture of meaningful development, which is why Bridges feedback tools now sit directly within our LMS."

As part of its ongoing commitment to providing a unified learning and development platform, Bridge incorporates learning, upskilling, development planning, and a range of feedback capabilities including peer feedback, skills feedback, and employee recognition feedback. In addition to these features, the platform includes custom learning paths, course authoring, an org chart, a mobile app, and more.