Twenty Categories

Learning Technologies Awards 2024 Registration

London (UK), July 2024 - Registration is underway for the Learning Technologies Awards 2024. There are twenty awards categories, including the newly introduced "Best Use of AI in Learning". The awards are open for entries from participants internationally, and there are three weeks left to register nominations. Entrants are required to select and pay for their entries, with the entry and submission deadline set for 17:00 BST, 26 July 2024.

"With 20 categories to choose from, the Learning Technologies Awards offer the chance to demonstrate expertise and innovation to a global audience. Whether you have developed cutting-edge eLearning solutions, immersive virtual reality experiences, or groundbreaking mobile learning apps, the Learning Technologies Awards is the perfect platform to elevate your work and stand out among industry leaders," explains the awards programme organiser, Jo Penton.

The new award for 2024, Best Use of AI in Learning, celebrates innovative AI solutions transforming learning experiences. Entrants are encouraged to share how AI has enhanced performance, boosted efficiency, or tackled tough challenges in their organisation.

Among the top reasons to enter the #LT24 Awards are

  • Entrants can celebrate and showcase their team's success, recognising their hard work, dedication, and innovative approaches.
  • Being a recipient of a Learning Technologies Award grants industry validation and highlights your organisation's commitment to excellence, positioning you as a leader in the field.
  • Winning an award sets you apart from the competition.
  • You gain the opportunity to enhance your reputation by showcasing your expertise and dedication to advancing the learning and development landscape.
  • By entering, you create networking opportunities and exposure to a wide range of L&D-industry professionals, including judges, fellow entrants, and attendees at the gala evening.
  • Entering the awards provides an opportunity to benchmark your work against the best in the industry.
  • Registration will boost employee morale and motivation, as they see their hard work validated and feel inspired to push boundaries.
  • The opportunity to showcase your innovation demonstrates the ability to stay at the forefront of the industry.
  • Through publicity and exposure, the awards attract attention from industry media, influencers, and potential clients or partners, helping to amplify your brand and message.
  • The feedback received from the judging panel enables continuous improvement by providing valuable insights and recommendations for further enhancing your learning initiatives.