New White Paper

Demystifying the Modern Learner

London (UK), April 2018 - Demystifying the Modern Learner is the first in a series of white papers, webinars, and supporting material that Learnlight has produced to help shed more light on subject of the modern learner. These insights are designed to assist HR, talent, and learning professionals in harnessing the latest in learning technologies and instructional design to one clear end: how to design persuasive content that enhances learner engagement.

The year 2014 was important for many learning professionals, with the publication of the seminal report "Meet the Modern Learner" by Josh Bersin and his team at Bersin by Deloitte. This report, which focused on how to engage the overwhelmed, distracted, and impatient employee, has been a must-read for anyone involved in the strategic development of talent.

Four years on, the findings of the report still hold true. HR and learning professionals are still struggling to develop compelling and engaging learning programs for the modern learner.

This white paper touches the following issues:

  • Who is the Modern Learner?
  • The Modern Learner: Fact vs. Reality
  • Is Instructor-led Training Now Extinct in the Age of the Modern Learner?
  • How to Engage the Modern Learner