EBook: Create Training Content for Everyone

Brighton (UK), April 2023 - The ebook "Accessibility in Training and Development - Eight Steps toward Inclusive eLearning" offers up a variety of tips for improving accessibility in eLearning courses while explaining why accessible practices are more urgent than ever.

Cloud-based eLearning authoring platform Gomo has published an ebook offering detailed guidance on creating accessible training courses. Tackling an array of topics that range from text spacing guidelines to swapping out interactions, Gomo's latest ebook provides practical tips on improving eLearning accessibility - and explains why each one matters.

The latest addition to Gomo's library of in-depth guides aims to help instructional designers recognize and take advantage of authoring tool features that have the capacity to improve accessibility. The ebook also touches on the regulations and recommendations to be aware of when creating eLearning material, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Simon Waldram, Product Manager at Gomo, said, "It's never been more essential for instructional designers and other content creators to gain the tools they need in order to create accessible content that meets WCAG 2.0 standards.

"At the same time, authoring accessible content isn't just about the tech: it's about having a vision for your courses that supports varied learner requirements. While you need an authoring tool that can, for example, swap out one interaction for another, you also need to understand how to replace that interaction with an engaging alternative to ensure every learner receives an equally high-quality experience."

In addition to chapters that define eLearning accessibility and discuss current guidelines around keeping training content accessible, the ebook features eight practical tips for improving accessibility. These include advice on keyboard-accessible navigation, image and video captions, and LMS-related considerations.

The complete ebook will help you discover

  • the four pillars of WCAG compliance
  • powerful legal incentives for getting accessibility right
  • the benefits of good accessibility, from improved training outcomes to higher employee morale