For Refugees

Kiron Open Higher Education Uses tt knowledge force

Heidelberg (GER), May 2016 - Refugees have a hard time getting access to higher education. They have to wait for their right of residence to be determined, and their documents often go missing during flight. Berlin’s Kiron Open Higher Education wants to provide a remedy to this situation and is enabling displaced people from around the world to pursue a course of study right through to a recognized degree qualification - free of cost. Participants complete online foundation courses over two years while learning German. 

tts, a market leader for technology and services in eLearning, is actively supporting Kiron by making its cloud-based eLearning authoring environment, tt knowledge force, available free of charge. This will enable Kiron to produce and manage its own high-quality eLearning courses efficiently. On top of this, tts is providing standard learning resources to Kiron’s employees and students, for example so that they can develop skills in Microsoft Office, and is advising the University on the integration of content in the learning-management environment.

"tts employs people from 25 countries, and we unreservedly view this as enriching our company," according to Sandro Franke, Partner Manager at tts. His colleague Axel Lindhorst adds, "Fast and unbureaucratic access to education is one of the keys to integrating refugees, and as an important vendor of learning technology, we feel a sense of duty in this respect."

Kiron Open Higher Education’s curriculum already covers the subjects of Information Technology, Economics, and Engineering Science. RWTH Aachen and the University of Heilbronn are among the educational institutions that have already recognized Kiron’s online courses for refugees.