TestWe Paperless Exam Solution for Educators

Charles Zhu and Clément Régnier, TestWe Co-Founders Paris (F), December 2017 - TestWe, designed for institutions in education and certification centers, is a secure, offline e-exam solution to ease the examination process and enhance candidates’ overall success.

TestWe has developed a paperless, secure and offline e-exam platform, designed for all institutions-from universities and certification centers to corporate enterprises.

It's tailored for every type of assessment: MCQs, SAQs, quizzes, essays, mathematical formulas, fill-the-blank texts, and many more. TestWe is user friendly for candidates and headache free for instructors - and it cuts costs for institutions.

How it works - An online platform is used by professors and examiners in order to create, grade, or co-grade and analyze assessments. TestWe is supported by all operating systems.

Software is downloaded by candidates, enabling them to take exams and assessments in a cheat-free and offline environment: no internet connection is needed. This is done from their own device - anywhere in the world.

TestWe is a 100% virtual, secure platform, which means no more making or losing paper copies, no internet connection problems, and no wasting time that could be used to improve the quality of education. TestWe integrates with school IT system so that grades can be posted at the click of a button.

TestWe goes above and beyond to make the application process easier by respecting any and all AACSB and AMBA accreditation systems processes, as well as the ECTS grading system.