20 years of discussion

Perspectives on Learning Technologies

London (UK), January 2013 - (by Bob Little) The much awaited - well, by me anyway - e-book, 'Perspectives on Learning Technologies' has now been published. The e-book's publicity material proclaims, flatteringly, that this e-book is 'written by Bob Little who is acknowledged internationally as a respected writer and commentator on learning technologies - especially corporate eLearning'.

Of course, if you buy a book about learning technologies - especially 'eLearning' or 'online learning' - it'll be out of date almost before you get to chapter two. That's because there's a real temptation for authors (and, to be fair, for readers) to concentrate on the 'technology' and the 'learning delivery' rather than the 'learning' itself. Perspectives on Learning Technologies hopes to redress the balance somewhat - while still being about learning technologies as well as learning. In the process, it should remain 'in', rather than become out of, date.

The book distils the wisdom - along with a touch of wit - gathered from some 20 years of discussion and discovery within the learning technologies industry, particularly as it relates to the corporate learning world. It aims to set out - as concisely as possible - a wealth of well-thought-out views, often corroborated by rigorous research. These can be taken at face value and used as shortcuts to help in the planning, practice and politics of 'learning and development' (L&D) in an organisation. Or they can be used as seeds and short cuts for readers' own thoughts and theories - so they'll be able to achieve more with less in a shorter time and all the other things that L&D professionals are supposed to do.

Drawing critical acclaim from the UK (including learning technology specialists Donald H Taylor and Vaughan Waller), Australia (Ryan Tracey) and Continental Europe (eLearning specialist and university lecturer, Dr Ladislava Knihova in the Czech Republic), the e-book is already selling well.

For over 20 years, Bob Little has specialised in writing about, and commentating on, corporate learning - especially elearning - and technology-related subjects. His work has been published in the UK, Continental Europe, the USA and Australia.
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