System Simulation

Cut Costs in Half and Increased Learning Effectiveness

Heidelberg (GER), August 2016 - In recent years, our client, a leading bank in Asia headquartered in Singapore, has recognized the power of digitizing corporate learning and has entrusted tts partner Synpulse to develop its training solutions. With the aid of tt performance suite, the client is one of the early adopters in the Singapore financial Industry to digitize its systems training and thus paves the way for other banks to do the same.

Previously, the bank’s employees had to attend workshops whenever there were enhancements. This incurred unnecessary costs, leading to productivity loss and high training costs. Trainings were conducted in classrooms, and training materials produced were often presented in a static and non-engaging manner in PowerPoint. As a result, very little knowledge from the classroom training was retained, and the employees relied on the handouts to re-learn and navigate through the systems by themselves.

tts partner Synpulse utilized the tt performance suite’s ergonomic software capabilities to create interactive system simulations. Eighty-seven percent of front-office users reported that the simulations closely resembled the systems and helped them greatly in mastering them. The bank also found that its cost of training was reduced by 52.3%, and the total hours spent on training decreased by 46.2%.

Over the span of four projects engaged in with the client, Synpulse has created over 25 eLearning modules with the help of tt performance suite. These modules cover a range of bank processes and train front-office users to navigate across various platforms. Distribution of learning content was done via the client’s intranet, making learning content easily accessible to all required staff members.