Effective Email

ELearning Course Shows How to Reduce Stress

London (UK), July 2017 - Emailogic, a leading UK email-best-practice company, has launched an engaging eLearning course that shows how employees can save an average of 31 minutes per day by managing their email more efficiently.

Called "Effective Email", the 45-minute course promotes best practice and provides tips and techniques to help individuals write, reply to, forward, copy, access, and store their emails.

"Email continues to be the main way of communicating and sharing information at work, yet few people have had any formal training, so it is often misused, resulting in information overload and high stress levels. It does not have to be that way. Research has proven that this training does change email behaviours," said Marc Powell, Director of Emailogic.

This easy-to-use course is designed to help organisations change the email culture and free up staff time for more productive tasks by ensuring that employees use email more effectively. It can save the average email user 31 minutes per day. In an organisation with 1,000 employees, using email this equates to a potential annual cost saving of around £2 million.

Developed with Engage-in-Learning, an interactive-eLearning company, the course is an interactive version of an award-winning seminar by Emailogic that has demonstrably saved time and money in public and private-sector organisations.

Other features of this new course are

  • accessibility on any device so the learning can be accessed anywhere, anytime
  • an optional editor for a truly bespoke course that suits companies’ specific learning needs
  • modules that provide learning in bite-sized chunks so learners go at a pace that suits them
  • suitability for all users, including closed captioning for deaf or hard of hearing
  • instant translation into 100+ languages

Also included is a downloadable e-book that provides notes, summaries, exercises, and examples to help users create their own action plan and put the lessons from the course into practice.

"The course is a quick and easy way to help people send clearer messages; receive fewer unwanted emails; cut their number of stored emails by an average 40%; manage their email relationships more effectively; experience less stress from email; and become aware of the impact their emails have on others and the organisation," said Marc Powell.