Optimal Learning Environment

Launch of the Totara Engage Learning Experience Platform

Brighton (UK), October 2020 - Totara, a leading provider of enterprise learning, engagement, and performance management technology, has announced the launch of Totara Engage, its new learning experience platform. Through peer-to-peer interaction and social learning, Totara Engage breaks down silos and provides employees with a collaborative environment to share know-how and expertise. By facilitating knowledge sharing, Totara Engage expands opportunities for employees to learn new skills, improve their performance, and be more productive. 

"Blending formal training with informal and social learning creates an optimal learning environment for employees," said Richard Wyles, CEO of Totara. "Totara Engage empowers organizations to harness the power of informal learning and collaboration, providing employees with more opportunities to sharpen their skills and share their learning paths with peers. The result is improved performance for individuals and organizations, a win-win across the board." 

More than 1,800 organizations and millions of users worldwide rely on Totara to develop their talent. Find out what leading brands like PepsiCo, Toyota/Lexus, jetBlue, and many more are saying about Totara by visiting Customer Stories.

Totara Engage improves the performance and productivity of employees and organizations by encouraging individuals to take an active role in their own professional development and share knowledge with their peers.
The following key features of the Totara Engage LXP provide the collaborative environment that makes it possible to harness transformational learning across the organization:

  • Curated content - Through peer-to-peer interaction and social learning, Totara Engage breaks down silos and spreads know-how and expertise to where it's needed. Employees are empowered to create and curate resources into personalized playlists that help others quickly find the learning and support they need to be more productive
    *  Quickly source, create or curate expert knowledge in the form of articles, blogs, photos, podcasts and videos.
  • Collaboration workspaces - Workspaces are powerful collaborative areas where social and informal learning flourish. This accelerates skills acquisition, delivers digestible knowledge in the flow of work, and brings teams together.

                  *  Peer-to-peer activities and interactions like ratings, comments, and curation nurture a vibrant, connected learning culture and highly engaged workforce.

  • Microsoft Teams integration - Totara Engage integrates with Microsoft Teams, allowing organisations to create, curate, and collaborate all in the same digital space without any of the complexities that come with using a selection of different isolated tools.
  • Easy Surveys - Quickly collect qualitative and quantitative data with surveys that capture targeted feedback from teams and generate actionable insights.
  • Flexible access and sharing settings - Control privacy and access rights to content shared in workspaces and playlists used by specific people or defined by job role.
  • User and content engagement reports - Recognize rising talent, subject matter experts and thought leaders, as well as less-engaged individuals.

The recent release of Totara Engage coincided with the launch of the Totara Talent Experience Platform, an integrated suite comprising three powerful solutions:

  • Totara Learn, the transformational learning management system trusted by millions of learners worldwide
  • Totara Engage, Totara's new learning experience platform, and
  • Totara Perform, a new performance management system.

Totara Learn, Totara Engage, and Totara Perform can be used together or separately, providing organizations with the flexibility to build a powerful experience that unifies highly engaging learning and performance management, block by block.