Upside LMS

Intelligent Reporting and User-Hierarchy Management

Pune (IN), April 2016 - The latest version of UpsideLMS comes with an embedded business-intelligence tool, configurable organisation hierarchy, and a range of exciting features that make the management of learning/training easier and better for training companies, SMBs, and enterprises.

Now in its seventh version, UpsideLMS underlines its best value proposition for training companies, SMBs, and enterprises as it adds intelligence to reporting and gives businesses the ability to configure their organisation hierarchy in the LMS, amongst a host of other exciting features. This release also marks the start of agile development for UpsideLMS, with new version releases being scheduled at shorter intervals.
UpsideLMS's new version, besides leveraging SaaS for more speed, scalability, innovation, lower TCO, and higher ROI, comes with an embedded business-intelligence tool that can help L&D professionals to translate their learning-management data into meaningful information for devising better L&D strategies and improving processes. With UpsideLMS's existing comprehensive data store and reporting module, the business-intelligence tool will help organisations go beyond tracking their learners' learning progress and compliance status and get the intelligence they need to smarten up their reporting.

Another key feature offered by UpsideLMS's new version is the configurable organisation structure/ hierarchy, which enables organisations to configure the organisation levels in the LMS in line with their own corporate structure/ hierarchy.

The 7.0 version also comes with Salesforce integration, secure SSO using SAML 2.0, new user roles, comprehensive user-profile management tools, robust controls for content access, delivery and reporting privileges, and much more.

UpsideLMS is a winner of twenty industry awards and recognition and is used by ninety-plus organisations and 750,000+ learners worldwide. It is the trusted SaaS LMS for easy management of eLearning, classroom training, virtual classroom, social learning, blended learning, and pre- and post-training program activities. For the learners, it's an easy-to-use platform that is accessible on all devices for learning and performance support.