Best Practices

Agylia’s Learning Technology Research Project Report

Glouchestershire (UK), June 2017 - Agylia has published its Learning Technology Research Project Report, a comprehensive study that provides learning-and-development (L&D) professionals with insights and best practices for delivering mobile learning and microlearning programmes using tablet and smartphone devices.

"The Report includes a number of unexpected findings that confirm the increasing need for learning that can be done travelling or away from an office," commented Tim Buff, CEO and Chief Learning Strategist at Agylia.

About three hundred and fifty L&D professionals took part in the research, a two-week programme that included a mix of short learning modules, quizzes, and surveys delivered via the Learning Technology Research Project App direct to participants’ tablet and smartphone devices.

Mobile learning and microlearning are two of the biggest trends in modern education. The Learning Technology Research Project investigated the educational effectiveness of these new digital-learning technologies. The report delivers a range of insights, including

  • what learners like and dislike about mobile learning and microlearning
  • how microlearning can increase educational effectiveness
  • what motivates people to engage with learning
  • how and where learners consume content
  • the technologies and features learners actually find useful

"The research and report has taught me a number of lessons. Perhaps the biggest surprise  was that no matter how well learning content is designed, if the learning experience (accessing, finding and consuming content) is poor, the impact and usage of the learning will dive," Tim added. "I encourage all L&D professionals to use the Learning Technology Research Project Report as their blueprint before embarking on their mobile-learning and microlearning programmes."