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Cornerstone to Bring Learning into the Flow of Work

Santa Monica, CA (USA), February 2021 - Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc., a global leader in people development solutions, has announced it is one of the first learning management software (LMS) partners for Microsoft Viva, Microsoft's new Employee Experience Platform (EXP). As part of the new platform, Cornerstone Learning and Saba Cloud will be integrated in the new Microsoft Viva Learning app.

Microsoft Viva, powered by Microsoft 365 and experienced through Microsoft Teams, is an integrated, insights-driven employee experience platform that helps organizations bring together communications, knowledge, learning, and workplace insights. Microsoft Viva Learning will bring new functionality to Teams that will create a central hub for learning in the flow of work.

Microsoft Viva Learning will meet people where they are, enabling users to access valuable learning content from Cornerstone in a single workflow, removing the friction of switching back and forth between learning platforms and Teams. Through the integration, employees will have the ability to share, assign, and learn from content libraries directly from Teams.

Over the past year, Cornerstone has witnessed a notable upward trend in people taking online learning and development courses at work, including a 100% increase in mobile  learning usage from March to May 2020. Encouraged by these customer insights from the Cornerstone People Research Lab that demonstrate the employee demand for flexibility to learn anywhere and anytime, Cornerstone is committed to further realizing the vision of making learning a natural part of their day.

“Skills are more important than ever in our rapidly changing business environment. With 77 percent of working adults looking to learn new skills now or retrain altogether, there is increased urgency in providing people with opportunities to be their best at work and achieve breakthrough business results," said Heidi Spirgi, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Cornerstone. "By integrating learning into the flow of work, Cornerstone and Microsoft are helping remove barriers and enabling organizations and their teams to access the power of truly connected employee experiences with learning at the core."

With Microsoft Viva Learning, users will be able to curate content within Teams channels and share links to content directly in chats. Managers will also be able to assign learning content to their teams. Course completion status will sync from their LMS into Teams.

"Cornerstone is bringing great value to organizations by integrating its solutions within Microsoft Teams, right where employees are working every day," said Kirk Koenigsbauer, COO, Experiences + Devices at Microsoft Corp. "The new Microsoft Viva empowers employees to make learning and development a natural and intuitive part of their daily work."

As one of the first partners for the platform, Cornerstone is uniquely positioned to help millions of Microsoft Teams users take charge of their skills development through its singular focus on people at work, combined with scalability and access to the largest pool of anonymized learning data from its 20-year history. Today, insights from more than 75 million users across Cornerstone's solutions drive the company's innovation and product direction.

Collaborating with Microsoft on Microsoft Viva Learning further underscores Cornerstone's belief that everyone can rise to be extraordinary when they have the right development and growth opportunities. Cornerstone understands that learning is central to creating a better employee experience, in the context of which people can grow, adapt, and develop skills they need for the future.