Hemsley Fraser

Benchmarks Changing L&D Role with L&D Impact Survey

London (UK), July 2023 – Global learning and talent development provider Hemsley Fraser is continuing to benchmark the L&D profession's role in business with the 2023 edition of its Learning & Development Impact Survey, the results of which have just been published.

Hemsley's research captures responses from more than 400 L&D, HR, and talent professionals across different sectors and organisation sizes about the latest changes in their learning and development landscape.

While many learning and HR professionals are still grappling with profound changes to business needs, organisational life, and employee expectations post-pandemic in 2023, survey responses show a clear understanding of the L&D function's direction, its future evolution, and the technology and approaches needed to achieve this.

Key talking points for practitioners raised by the survey included

  • dilemmas for L&D professionals over responses to hybrid work policies, learner fatigue, engagement, and communication issues
  • better measurement and data analytics for fast-changing and emerging L&D programmes - to help L&D teams demonstrate learning programmes' ROI, achieve critical mass for new initiatives, and strike a balance between the different digital and in-person delivery approaches they are now using
  • how changing working structures and uncertain budgets are shaping learning strategies
  • the type of upskilling and capabilities L&D is now being expected to deliver and the extent agile learning is playing in them.

Sally Hurrell, Hemsley's Interim CEO was impressed by learning professionals' flexible response to several years of change, while retaining a strategic view of their mission.
She explained, "Our survey responses showed L&D and HR practitioners grasp implicitly that learning strategies must be smart and flexible enough to deliver today's newly in-demand skills, help deliver talent strategy, and support corporate business goals. Learning strategies can't be an end in themselves.
"It's also evident that we will see an increased focus on how L&D programmes deliver leadership and soft skills and meet learners' needs - driven by an increased focus on inclusion, connectedness, and belonging, as well as the benefits of better blended learning experiences."