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Digital Learning Realities 2017 Research Shares Insights

Fosway researchLondon (UK), June 2017 - Fosway Group, an HR and learning analyst, and Learning Technologies, one of Europe’s largest workplace-learning events, are sharing new analysis of digital learning in 2017. This ongoing research, now in its second year, reveals the reality of technology-led learning in organisations today. Further insights will also be explored at this month’s Learning Technologies Summer Forum in London.

The research shares unique data on how digital learning in organisations is structured and funded. Over 90% of respondents expect their investment in learning platforms and content to increase or stay the same in the coming twelve months. Overall, however, digital learning suffers from under-investment, with 41% of organisations budgeting just £100k or less per annum.

David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group comments, "Our ongoing analysis and research into digital learning shows that there isn't necessarily an optimum level of investment - more spend does not guarantee more impact or value from the learning. But being able to compare budgets, teams, and headcounts for the first time gives L&D professionals a unique benchmark to gauge how well they are resourced to provide what their learners need, where and when they need it."

Mark Penton, Learning Technologies Event Director adds, 'The aim of this research is to cut through the hype and uncover what's really happening in L&D today. The wealth of data is telling some interesting stories, and we're pleased to be able to give our community these unique insights into how their teams and budgets compare with that of their peers."

Part one of the Digital Learning Realities research focuses on L&D structure and organisation, digital learning teams and headcounts, as well as budgets and investment trends.

The next report in the series explores what is working - and what isn't - for L&D buyers. A final report summarises the key drivers, measures of success, and overall trends in digital learning in 2017.