First Joint Master's Oriented toward Social Entrepreneurs

Barcelona (E), April 2013 - The International MBA Social Entrepreneurship Project (IMBASE) aims to link future entrepreneurs with the creation of sustainable social value. The IMBASE Project is the first effort co-funded by the European Commission and the Australian Government that promotes a joint degree between European and Australian universities. » MORE


Making Games in Collaboration for Learning

Rome (I), April 2013 - MAGICAL is a European project that's exploring collaborative design of educational games by primary and lower-secondary students. It's a European project co-funded under the Lifelong Learning Programme (KA3) that's proposing this collaborative effort as an innovative learning-by-doing approach. Led by the Institute for Educational Technology, CNR (Italy), the consortium comprises partners from Belgium, Italy, Finland, and the UK who are particularly interested in how collaborative game making impacts on learners' key transversal skills, like creativity, problem solving, and digital literacy. » MORE

To Fulfill Promises

UN Special Envoy Calls for Quality Education for All

Gordon Brown Brussels (BE), April 2013 - Education International (EI) has been commended for its work in promoting quality education since its creation twenty years ago. The acclaim came from the UN Special Envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown, a keynote speaker at the 41st EI Executive Board meeting held in Brussels in March. Brown also called for the provision of quality education worldwide. » MORE

Knowledge Sharing

Network of Staff and Teachers in Childcare Services

Granada (E), March 2013 - NEST is a European project funded by the European Commission within the Lifelong Learning Programme that will establish a network in the field of staff development in early childhood education and care (ECEC) in Europe. » MORE

Now Available

New VET and eLearning Standard NP 4512:2012

Essen (GER), January 2013 - The Q-Cert-VET project has announced that the standard NP 4512:2012 "Vocational training management system, including technology-enhanced learning requirements" is now available after initial testing and publication. Due to approval of certification scheme OEC010 by the Portuguese Institute for Accreditation (IPAC), all certification bodies can apply to IPAC for accreditation and thus gain the ability to certify training institutions with the standard. » MORE


Simulating Classes with Avatars of Students and Teachers

Barcelona (E), November 2012 - As a member of the Office of Learning Technologies at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), Carles Fernàndez Barrera is a specialist in eLearning projects related to the use of serious games and virtual worlds, video and interactive TV, music and quizzes and other resources as learning tools. At ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN, he will talk about "Creating a Serious Game to Engage Teachers in Lifelong Learning". » MORE


Simulations: Augmented Virtuality Gets Real!

Milano (I), September 2012 - Training needs more and more tools and applications that are able to adapt, not only to the user, but also to the context. Both can change rapidly, and being able to design an instrument that follows these changes in a short timeframe represents an investment that can save time and resources. Furthermore, using standard methods that are detached from users' personal experiences and from the working context is not only obsolete but also ineffective. » MORE

TARGET Project

eXact learning solutions Concludes Major R&D Project

Sestri Levante (IT), September 2012 - The research and development department of eXact learning solutions, a leading online and mobile-learning content-management solutions provider, is working on a state-of-the-art technology-enhanced learning (TEL) environment based on serious games that supports individuals' rapid competence development within the domain of project management. » MORE

Stakeholder Consultation

LLL in the 21st Century: Dimensions of Change

Brussels (BE), July 2012 - The VISIR project (Vision, Scenarios, Insights and Recommendations) is an initiative of seven European networks and two renowned research institutions. It uses stakeholder consultations to develop a vision on how ICT can help make lifelong learning a reality. » MORE

Get Involved

EFQUEL is Looking for Reviewers

Brussels (BE), June 2012 - EFQUEL is creating a pool of experts to act as reviewers for its quality certifications. Members of this pool of experts are periodically invited to join reviews of institutions or programmes. These will typically involve a review of documentation from the institution and a site visit. » MORE