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Fronter for All Schools in London

Oslo (NO), June 2007 - The signing of the contract in the British embassy in Oslo this Tuesday confirmed the decision to implement Fronter as the official learning platform for the City of London. The contract partner, London Grid for Learning LGfL, is a consortium of 33 local authorities in London with the task of providing London's 2584 schools and their one million pupils with the best digital content, ICT infrastructure, and their own Learning platform: London Managed Learning Environment (London MLE).

Following a comprehensive evaluation conducted within the Becta Learning Services Framework, the contract has been awarded to leading learning platform provider Fronter UK Ltd, a fully-owned subsidiary of Fronter in the UK.

London MLE

The London MLE is an integrated learning and management system based on the Fronter Open Learning Platform. The London MLE service offering includes:

  • Ninety web-based tools for learning and collaboration, all compliant with the Becta requirements for learning platforms;
  • A workshop for the senior management team at each school;
  • A training and deployment program to get the school started;
  • Integration with most schools MIS for automatic data transfer;
  • Fully hosted and backed up with 200 mb storage per user;
  • School support during opening hours 8 am - 5 pm.

The The UK government's Department for Education and Skills has set two goals for 2008 and 2010. The London MLE fulfils both now by providing the London MLE with a personalised learning space with an e-portfolio for all learners, an integrated management system (MIS), and a learning system. Furthermore the school will have a parental portal.

The London MLE will give learners:

  • A personalised learning space with a personal e-portfolio;
  • Access to the service from within school, at home, or at any location connected to the Internet;
  • Access to their personal content and content held by a number of different content suppliers;
  • A wide range of tools for learning and collaboration.

The London MLE will give teachers:

  • Personalised content creation tools based on their professional judgement of their learners' requirements;
  • The ability to produce and share learning material and re-use content materials created by other teachers across London;
  • A link between "curriculum" outcomes and "admin" assessment records.

Comment by CEO and Fronter founder Roger Larsen:

"Our concept has been developed through nine years of collaboration with our customers and is securely based on Scandinavian pedagogic and values. We have reason to believe that it is our strong connection to the professional pedagogic community, our history as a long-term supplier, and the quality of our product that has led to London's choice of Fronter for all their schools."

(…) "The city of London has given us an enormous boost of confidence in choosing Fronter as the preferred supplier of the learning platform to London's 2584 schools. It is, at the same time, a confirmation that Fronter's solutions for the educational segment are considered to be among the best in the market. We come from a country where we have strongly contributed to the fact that all the universities, university colleges, and secondary schools had already implemented a learning platform by year 2000.

This makes Norway a frontrunner in implementation of learning platforms. All our customers will benefit from the contract with the city of London. Our product and our organisation will be strengthened in all aspects."

In Norway, Fronter is used by two-thirds of the universities and university colleges, all the colleges and secondary schools in ten regions, and fifty percent of the primary schools.

So far, the City of Oslo is Fronter's largest school installation, with 177 schools and 175,000 pupils. Outside of Norway, Fronter has grown to become the largest learning platform supplier in the European educational segment.

All the Scandinavian capitals - Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Helsinki - use Fronter, as does The Hague in the Netherlands. The company has branches in England, Sweden, Finland Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, and Germany. An office was established in Munich at the end of 2006, and one in Berlin is set to open in June.