Tin Can

The Next Generation of SCORM

Rome (I), October 2012 - "Tin Can" is the next-generation learning objects standard after SCORM. Docebo, a global eLearning solutions provider, now gives the opportunity to try this innovative standard, thanks to the recently released Docebo Cloud learning-management system.

"We had the chance to read about the Tin Can API project initiative, and we were impressed by the idea and approach behind it", says Claudio Erba, CEO of Docebo. "This is why the Tin Can implementation has become an immediate priority in our development roadmap, and now we're very proud to announce that Docebo Cloud allows users to play and track Tin Can content according to the released specifications."

The newly released Docebo is one of the first eLearning platforms to support Tin Can for both the launch and tracking of the Tin Can content. Docebo is now implementing not only the launch of the Tin Can courses, but also the capability to track the Tin Can "statements" - the core of the Tin Can innovation - via its native LRS (learning record store).

About Docebo's vision, Claudio Erba states, "The Tin Can implementation is a further step towards our eLearning simplification strategy, as we're continuously improving Docebo Cloud to make online training easier and more accessible to everyone."

The opportunities offered by the Tin Can API's are now accessible through the Docebo Cloud trial edition.